Gonville 2.0 - font file

• Nov 4, 2012 - 02:20

A new Gonville font in version 2.0 redesigned by me (info in copyright). This font is under SIL Open Font License (OFL) and only for MuseScore.

About font:
1. Redesigned all symbols - many created from scratch.
2. Only for tests.

Questions on my e-mail: gootector@o2.pl


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In reply to by Thomas

Dear Thomas

  1. This is A NEW font named Gonville. I should issue this font under a different name because this font is only based on Gonville.
    1.1. All glyphs are designed from zero - none of points or curves aren't from original font.
    1.2. Look here - http://www.musegraph.com/category/fonts/ - Emmentaler font named "PARIS", Gonville font named "OSLO"... MONEY $$$...
    1.3. "No copyright is claimed on this font file." - I read in PS Names in Gonville font file.
  2. I send package with font to authour of Gonville font, but...
    2.1. I must export eight font files - gonville-11.otf, gonville-13.otf, etc. - It's not a problem, but...
    2.1.1. Are bugs in displaying arpeggios.
    2.1.2. Font contains 196 glyphs... so "is a little test" - I need scores to tests in LilyPond format, etc.
    2.1.3. Brackets! - only... 575 brackets :D
    2.1.4. Additional symbols - schleifer, sori, koron, etc. - original Emmentaler font don't contains these symbols.

So far is only for MuseScore.


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