Dot doesn't flip with note

• Dec 7, 2012 - 01:52

When flipping notes, for example, tidying up a bar with two voices, the dot doesn't flip with the note. Where the result is, say, a dotted E and G chord (treble), the dot for the G appears in the A space, while the dot for the E appears below the line, where the D would be (and where it was before the note was flipped), rather in the F space, which would be normal. This gives a very odd appearance.

The same has happened in the bass, where dots appear below the line rather than above.
Is there a work-around?

I'm using version 1.2.0

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The default behavoir is this: all notes that default to stems up (voice 1 and 3) have the dot above the line, and notes with stems defaulting down (voice 2 & 4) have dots below the line. In the upcoming version 2.0 you can flip the dot position.

A better way to deal with this is to combine the same length notes on the same beat into a chord in one voice (typically voice 1) so the dots always go the same direction.

Yes, I'd agree, but it isn't possible when you have to use the second voice e.g. the last notes in that bar.

Do you happen to know when version 2.0 will be out?

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