How can I copy my own fingering palette to my new Linux operating system[Solved]

• Apr 29, 2017 - 09:34

Being busy to migrate from my PCLinuxOS-KDE4 operating system to my new PCLinuxOS-KDE5-Plasma operating system, I stumbled across a problem which I cannot solve:
How can I copy my own Fingering Palette to my new KDE5-Plasma?
First I thought this was a “piece of cake”: just copy the contents of the MuseScore2 “.config file” to the one
being on my KDE5-Plasma and simply replace it which the already existing one.
But to my disappointment this was not the case. When starting MuseScore, that palette is not there.
How can I fix this?


Locate your custom palette - it has the extension .mpal - and copy it to your new system (anywhere). Start MuseScore on your new system, select Custom in palettes and then right-click on any palette and choose "Insert New Palete". Right-click on the new palette, ensure that "Enable Editing" is ticked and select "Load Palette" then locate and load the palette file that you copied over. For backup/safety you can also save the palette to another location.

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Thanks underquark for putting me on the right track here.
What I then did is:
First went to my new KDE5 O.S. and made a backup of the MuseScore2 folder which is in
Home > Joe > .local > Share > Data > MuseScore.
This, in case of some disaster.....
Then I copied this same MuseScore2 folder from my KDE4 O.S. to that same MuseScore folder
of my KDE5 O.S.
Now, after launching MuseScore in my KDE5 O.S. my custom fingering palette
immediately showed up!
Problem solved.

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