Inserting Measures that are in time with a piece

• Jan 9, 2013 - 01:51

Hi, I am new to MuseScore and I was wondering how to insert measures that are in time with the rest of a piece. I am currently transposing the song "Money" by Pink Floyd for my school's jazz band. When I try to add more measures to it, MuseScore adds them in 4/4 "Money", however, is in 7/4. Please help me.


Hi Connor -

Which version of MuseScore are you using? Which operating system?

Can you post the score here?



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Now that I'm home from work, I just had a chance to try this.

I created a new score in 7/4 time and put in a couple of measures of notes. Then I clicked on a measure in the middle and did Create -> Measures -> Insert Measure.

The new measure has a "measure rest" in it, which looks like it's for four beats, but that's the way a "measure rest" looks. I was able to add seven quarter notes to the measure just fine.

Is that what you are seeing? Can you add the proper number of notes into the new measures you add?


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