Restsin voices

• Jul 5, 2009 - 01:41

Some thing that I think would be very practicle is, since he voices are fixed in their relative positions (voice 1 higher than voice 2), it would be graet if the rests were to be in the upper or lower part of the stave rather than both being scrunched together in the middle.


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This feature request seems based on a misunderstanding, namely that "voices are fixed in their relative positions (voice 1 higher than voice 2)." That's incorrect. As the relative positions of voices 1 through 4 are freely assignable, there's no reason to think that default assignment of fixed positions to their rests would be useful.

Rather, I think it's the overlapping of elements that's problematic -- and it's not limited to this example of rests. It's difficult to select and manipulate any element that's hidden under other elements. Graphics programs typically address this with (1) a means of clicking that cycles through layers, and/or (2) commands that change the order of layers (e.g., send backward, bring forward, send to back, bring to front).

I would find this added functionality very useful if it were implemented in MuseScore.

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