hoarseness when on netbook

• Feb 7, 2013 - 14:34

Some people have notebook with Windows and there is this problem: Few seconds is playing clean but after few seconds changes sound into a hoarseness. (I have heard two playing-hoarsenessing machines.) If you change soundfont (while playing) playing becomes clean again, but also only for few seconds.

Could anybody help?



If you have a soundfont which requires lots of memory/cpu power to play, change your power options to balanced or high performance or the sound may skip, stutter and be hoarse.

Nothing helped. The sound effects had been down. This was the first I tried and my next step has been changing sound font. I Took into count the size of the sound file. I used the smallest. Maybe there could be some smaller, abut I did find only
2gmgsmt.sf2 (2MB), SYNTHGMS.SF2(1MB) and bigger else.

My own computer is slower, but I use debian and earlier WXP. There was no problem. One of the machines of the students has also WXP and is stronger then my own. Maybe I try if there is slowing down when computer works from battery. This I will do yet. I was also thinking about some setting in parameters of the windows. It maybe could help, I hoped. This is, what I look, if someone has experience...

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Because changing the reverb setting to a non-zero value is the usual fix for this problem, which is caused by a floating point miscalculation in the reverb code.

Watch out for an announcement regarding a fix for this soon.

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