MUST i display rests for multiple voices?

• Feb 14, 2013 - 00:30

Hi: I have a measure with three voices in it. Voice No. 1 is a WHOLE NOTE (4 beats). Voice No. 2 is a DOTTED HALF NOTE (3 beats) but it begins on the 2nd beat, so there's a QUARTER REST before it. Voice No. 3 is a HALF NOTE but it doesn't begin until the 3rd beat so there is a HALF REST before it. Musescore shows the quarter rest with the half rest stacked on top of it. It's easily understood what's happening so the rests are not needed and they are confusing. Must I display these rests or is there some way to hide them. The score is correct but it looks very cluttered. Thank you!


For any Voice other than Voice 1, just (left)-click on the rest and press [Del]. I agree that making them invisible, however, is a more 'proper' way of doing it particularly if you want to go back and edit or insert notes later but if you just want to ditch the rests then [Del] works.

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