attempts to install version 1.2 lead to install 1.1

• Feb 16, 2013 - 19:33

the last stable version is 1.2, that's what appears on all the forums and pages.
On my ubuntu Lucid, . i tried several times, several advised methods. i declared the following ppa in the software center , provided version was 1.1
Also, i tried all the links i found, de-installed, re-installed but i got 1.1, not further version... i certainly missed something.

Thank you in advance for your help.



1.2 doesn't work under Lucid. You could maybe backport it but it would involve a lot of work. The only reason I upgraded to Precise (ubuntu 12.04) was in order to install MuseScore 1.2. You may have avoided 'upgrading' to Precise because you don't like Unity. In that case you can either do what I did - backup, upgrade, change to xubuntu, install Tint2 panel manager - or consider backing everything up and doing a clean install of ubuntu studio 12.04 - a 1.2Gb download that includes MS1.2 and other audiovisual programs and which doesn't use Unity.

With 12.04 you can also try out the latest MS version 2.0 builds (although, annoyingly, it seems you either need to delete cmake and install the latest one or upgrade further to 12.10 if you want to compile from source code).

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Mint certainly gets the thumbs-up from many netbook users, as do xubuntu, lubuntu etc. Best check the forums regarding your specific netbook as things like graphics cards/chips can be problematic with some distro's but not others. Even if you don't plan to move from 1.1 at the moment, you might want to move to 2.0 when it becomes ready (not real soon, though, it would seem).

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