Please help with "tie" notes ... Strange behavior!

• Feb 26, 2013 - 21:22


I saw in the documentation that "+" will create a tie after a note.

I am currently composing a song and it worked perfectly for a bit, but now whenever I go to tie a note, the program creates ANOTHER note of the same duration to tie it to.

For example, I want a quarter note tied to an eighth note. I place the quarter note, press "+" and it just creates another quarter note!

If I create the quarter note and then the eight note and then hover over the quarter note and press "+", it also creates another note ... ??? Please help; thanks!


If you are in note entry mode (check the bottom right of your screen) then to enter a quarter and eight tied, you need to press 5 C 4 + that will create a C quarter note, then you select the duration of the next note and press +.

If you want to tie two existing notes, you need to go out of note entry mode, Press N or Esc and then click on the note you want to tie, and press +. Only the tie will be added.

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