Fermata, rubato ....

• Jul 17, 2009 - 00:27

Just thinking aloud here... Would anyone else find it useful to change the tempo of a single note or chord? Not to enter a tempo change so much as to just add a little rubato or modify how long a fermata is held. I welcome ideas, but I propose, when a note is selected, using the "<" as a shortcut in note entry to add 1 bpm to the tempo, and ">" to subtract 1 bpm from the tempo for that note only. This may seem counter-intuitive, but I think it is not since the < would make the note come earlier, and the >, later. Maybe a little pop up like is used for roll-over help text could display the value of what was entered when the symbols are pressed, ie. 0 for a note that is in tempo and -8 for a note that is slower or +10 for one that is faster than tempo.
Of course these changes would need to be automatically applied vertically to all parts of a score, whether or not they contained a note on that beat. I guess it could be summed up as just a quick and easy, temporary tempo change.
Any thoughts?


Hi MD.

Thanks for the interesting request.

It leads me to bring up something that has been a question to me for some time, given numerous of the requests.

MuseScore has, TO MY UNDERSTANDING, been positioned as a Music Notation program, not a sequencer. MIDI is used, its true, and a basic sequencer is important so as to accurately track what one wishes to score, but numerous of the requests seem to me to be what one would ask of a sequencer, not a score program, per se.

I have no wish to suggest diminishing the capabilities of this fine program, but with limited programmers and time, I personally would prefer if the focus was on completing the Notational aspects before concentrating on the sequencer aspects.

If the administration and "staff" wish to turn Musescore into a high-quality sequencing program as well, I have no objection. Its just thatI wonder what the focus really is?

I am interested in what others think.

No slight intended to your needs, and with warm regards,

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yeah, you're right. There are a lot of things I'd like to see happen first: proper pedalling indications for piano, and nested tuplets for example--stuff that actually puts "ink on paper". I was just throwing an idea out there in hopes that it might be pondered when it becomes time to expand the sequencer aspects of the program. Clearly, though, Musescore is much more than just a typesetter, otherwise, why would it bother to make sound at all?

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