Legatto of duration

• Mar 30, 2013 - 22:26

I wrote the score and its Muse Score playback does not recognize the legatto of duration,legatto between two notes with the same height.(example in attachament)
What do you advise..
Thanks in advance.GS.

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Thanks for the replay.
I used the first method, is ok, but the problem is playing a tie with Muse Score...
To me, the example is performed like the tie do not exist!!!
I play the same example with other program...and the tie is played.
I want to save my composition make in Muse Score,as wave...with ties...is possible?
What can i do?
Thanks in advance.GS.

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You didn't use a Tie (+) but a Slur (S)

I selected the slurs on your example, and pressed Del to delete them. Then I selected the first note, and press + to add a tie. Now it should play the way you want, and the wav export should be correct. See attached file.

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