Part Extraction Problems

• Apr 2, 2013 - 03:10

I am having trouble getting parts to properly extract from a score. I have a score with 17 parts that is about 200 measures long. I managed to extract 16 of those parts. The 17th part, the drum part, causes the program to crash. I do file-->part, put in my file name and title, and hit create part, and then the program says that there is a problem, searches for a solution, fails, and then says it has to shut down. Copy and paste also does not work, as it tells me there is some sort of C++ error. I am not too computer savvy, so that is basically all I can tell you. I am running version 1.3 on Windows 8. Are there any suggestions? Anything is appreciated.


If you want you can attach the file. Perhaps only the drum part.
Can someone take a look (it would seem a corrupt measure ).

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