16 Hole Chromatic Harmonica in HARMONICA PLUS

• Apr 5, 2013 - 16:54

I am on several Chromatic and Diatonic harmonica sites/clubs. I have been promoting your program since I found it a few weeks ago and several Friends are excited about our new find. We just wish it included the 16 hole Chromatic harp in its choices.
We ALL thank you for your program and efforts!!! GREAT JOB!!!


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Will this do? www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200459639666276&set=o.425126720853878… the first 1-4 is the lowest octave of the 16 hole harmonica. Pushing the button in gives you the sharps and flats. Another helpful suggestion is to use the stems of the notes to indicate the blow and draw notes. Stem up for blow, down for draw. All this information comes from Hilvert Scheper (Harmonica Orchestra Coventry on FaceBook) with permission.

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I added a plugin for Chromatic C 16 holes in the same Harmonica tablature plugin http://musescore.org/en/project/harmonicatablature

As mentioned, I'm not a harmonica player, so I have no idea if this is correct.
Find attached two examples made with the plugin. Also check this video http://www.screenr.com/xh37

Hope it helps, tell me how it could be improved. Note that it's not possible for a plugin to change the stem direction yet.

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Hi there,
Just a Very BIG Thanks for developing and adding the Harmonica tabulature for the 16-hole C-chromatic harmonica.
Works Perfectly from what I can see, just tested it out on a score.
PaulBunyon is a Friend of mine and he put this here as a Request, it's Fantastic to see the plugin here so quickly, Thank You Very much!!!

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