Stem of notes does not follow the head when the x offset change

• Apr 5, 2013 - 18:36

Trunk 474256e ( Vista x32 Seven x64 )
1 Open a score
2 select a note
3 Open the inspector
4 set an x offset different of zero

Expected result : the note and his stem moves of the offset value
Result optained : only head is moved


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Try adjusting the "Offset X" under Element and not under Chord. I suspect that's what is being done. If you load a v1.x score that has manually moved note heads, the X shift will be under the Element section and not the Chord one.

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be the same on 448 (sorry but I could not resist: 7x64), which I have not.
As pointed out by Schepers.
Be careful: you disconnected "stem and head" when you move "element" and not "chord" (green circle/red circle)
Attached your example "glued"

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