Add music training capability

• Apr 26, 2013 - 08:38

Dear all,

Musescore is now a first-class score editor and offer much more than what an average music school is waiting for in term of score editing and printing.

What could be a future goal is to embed some music training function. My idea is to add something like Jalmus does ( but with all the stability and functionality offered by Musescore.

I believe that most of the pieces to build this puzzle are already in place, and it would greatly benefit to music students regardless the OS they use.


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Sorry for the late answer and thank you for your interest for this topic.

Jalmus could be described as a notes and/or rhythm dictation system.

It create a random score (note, rhythm or both) on the fly (settings can be changed: how many notes, clefs, ...) and play it.

The player have to follow with some tolérance. Some feed back is given at the end of each exercise.

It's a quite painless way to learn music.
Some other tool like this should be available under windows OS but it's the only one I found running under linux.

Unfortunatly it's not as stable as I expected, and it's quite boring.

I think that musecore is massively used in music school around the world and already include all the basements need to add this feature to it.

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