Chord Diagram Crashes

• May 8, 2013 - 03:02

Bug Report

OS: Windows Vista x64 SP2

Musescore Nightly Build: MuseScoreNightly-2013-05-07-0013-e174c4b.7z

Musescore software installed correctly. After creating a new score, I navigated to the chord symbols by clicking on the arrow next to "Symbols" in the left sidebar. I then navigated to the chord diagram symbol. I clicked and dragged the chord symbol to the desired location in the score. I deselected that chord symbol. In the score, I selected the chord symbol again. It turned blue. I right-clicked on it and selected "Edit Element." I then edited the chord diagram, creating the chord I wanted. When I went to close the editing window, Musescore crashed. I started Musescore again, and tried to place and edit a chord symbol again, using the exact procedure described above. As soon as I went to close the chord diagram editing window, Musescore crashed again.

When I reopen Musescore and recover the previous session, it show the chord diagram where I placed it in the score, but it had reverted back to the original chord as shown in the Symbols toolbar.


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