Stave properties make invisible malfunction

• May 10, 2013 - 11:09

Musescore 1.3 Win XP SP3
In the excellent youtube video by Brandon Ward on orchestration
He describes improving strings sound on playback by making a dummy copy of a violin stave witha slightly lower volume.
So, I tried this on a guitar stave and I got an improvement, which needs more tweaking, using the default sound font, Tim something. Fine, so I made this dummy invisible by right click on part name - and checking invisible. This marked invisible the stave but not the following:-
Stave part name, notes, note-heads, beams, slurs, ties, clefs, time sigs., and dynamics.
Since the check for smaller in the stave properties panel operates on the whole stave and those features this seems inconsistent. It's true I could laboriously work my way through marking things individually, but I would still be left with the connecting line between staves.
I attach the example score.

Attachment Size
The Virginian - guitar solo2.mscz 12.18 KB


It doesn't malfunction, it works as designed. This feature is to hide the staff lines. I should be made clearer in the UI (consider it done)
There is currently no easy way to completely hide a staff. It's implemented for next version.

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