Varying distance between base and treble cleves

• May 23, 2013 - 16:30

I hope I am using the language correctly.
I have lyrics between the piano base and treble clefs.
I have a repeat for the first three systems, so
there are more than one line of lyrics there.
When I get the notes done, so I know the lengths,
I want to adjust the (accolade?) distance between the
base and treble clefs smaller for the bottom part of
the page where there is only one line of lyrics.
That way I can get it on one page.
How can I do this?


As you enter lyrics, the accolade distance will automatically increase. Click on a note where you wish to start the first verse, then type 'Ctrl L' and start entering lyrics. Use the spacebar to proceed. Use 'Enter' to advance to the second line of lyrics, and be careful about accidentally hitting the 'Enter' if you do not wish to move away from the line of lyrics you are currently typing.
The accolade distance of the first three systems (with the repeat and multiple lines of lyrics) will expand to contain the lyrics. (I'm assuming you have *not* already increased the accolade distance in the menu item Style / Edit General Style / Page)
As the bottom part of the page will have only one line of lyrics, the accolade distance will be less as long as you enter the lyrics on the very first line.
Tweaking adjustments can be done with 'Lyrics upper margin' and 'Lyrics lower margin' (found in the aforementioned menu item). These adjustments change the lyrics' distance to the upper (treble) and lower (bass) clefs.
Have fun...

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