Adding piano fingering to score....

• May 28, 2013 - 01:58

How can I add fingering to my Musescore piano songs? (Musescore Win, v 1.3)



Just found the fingering "palette" under Palettes! But do you double-click the numbers or just drag them onto the score? Also what is the difference between the plain numbers and the circled numbers? Weirder yet is the appearance of the characters "p", "i","m","a", and 'C" and the numbers 0 and 6 on the same palette (I don't have those fingers.)


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The characters "p", "i","m","a", and 'c" and the numbers 0 and 6 on the palette denote fingering and strings for (classical) guitarists, for instance. ;-)

To enter fingering:
You can click on a note you wish to add the fingering, so it changes color. Then double click on the number in the palette.
You can drag the number from the palette to the note and release it when the note head changes color.

In either case, the fingering number's position can further be tweaked by clicking (if not already highlighted), then dragging.

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