note stems not appearing

• May 28, 2013 - 16:05

- created a full measure of 16th notes using the snare drum (acoustic) on a 3 line staff on "voice 1"
- added hi hat pedal on the 3rd 16th note of each 4-note grouping of 16th notes (also on "voice 1")
- the stems for the hi hat pedal notes do not appear, only the 'x' below the staff appears.
- if I change the snare drum notes to ride (bell) notes instead, then the hi hat pedal note stems appear correctly.
- I can also reproduce this bug with the snare drum/hi hat pedal notes using a 5 line staff.
- i'm using windows 7 on a pc with musescore v. 1.3

I see that this issue has been discussed at length in this forum a year ago ( yet the problem has not been corrected. anybody from able to help me here??


I believe this bug has been thrown up before.

The ride bell notes probably ARE a cowbell

Whoever defined the default drumset defined MIDI notes 55, 56, 57 and 59 all as Ride bell instead of Splash Cymbal, Cowbell, Crash Cymbal 2 and Ride Cymbal 2.

A corrected version is attached

Attachment Size
StdDrum.drm 3.5 KB

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