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• Jun 1, 2013 - 11:15

I'm a new user (15 mins ago) and intend using MuseScore for setting music for a 4 part male voice choir.

I'm using version 1.3, rev 5702 on Windows 7.

I have entered my first piece of music and it plays back ok but.. though I have entered parts 3 & 4 in the bass stave, it still shows the rests that are placed there where the score is created.
File attached showing the problem.

1. What have I done wrong in the first place and
2. How do I remove the rests?

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97_Lord_Jesus,_I_Love_Thee.mscz 3.85 KB


You should have used voice 1 and 2 in the bass clef staff too. You can click on the first note in the this staff, shift click on the last and go to Edit -> Voices -> Exchange voice 1-3, same with 2-4. Then right click a rest from voice 3, select -> More -> Same staff, same voice, and press Del on your keyboard. Result attached.

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97_Lord_Jesus,_I_Love_Thee.mscz 3.65 KB

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