Problems with record from Midi device at Opensuse

• Jul 27, 2009 - 14:04

When I MuseScore start a demo file appear. And when I'm playing on my midi device MuseScore notate what I play. But when I make a new file and I play, nohthing happen. MuseScore don't notate my music? Why? And how can I change it?


Ookay, thank you. But the next problem appears. The notes I play are the same length. But I play them not the same length. Is there a mode that notes length I play compare with the notelength on the sheet?

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No. You have to choose the note lengh with your computer keyboard. See note entry
Some users already requested real time MIDI input but apparently it's quite difficult to implement accurately.
Other software package with this features seems to be non accurate. If you want to quickly enter your sheets I advice using your computer keyboard and read the manual for shortcuts.

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