MuseScore songbook doesn't open linked or embedded files in pdf's if opened from another application using Android 7

• Jun 5, 2017 - 08:31

Google changed how applications have to share file URIs in Android 7. Previously, it was possible for applications to just pass a URI by doing Uri.fromFile(). With Android 7, Google no longer allows this (an exception is thrown). Instead, if an application wants to pass an URI to another application, they have to act as a FileProvider and pass the file using FileProvider.getUriForFile. MuseScore does not seem to correctly handle an URI created this way when passed with Intent.ACTION_VIEW. This is not a difficult problem to solve though - MuseScore just needs to use a ContentResolver to open an input stream and read in the data from the file. If MuseScore is not set up to handle a stream of data like this, it should just copy the data into a temporary file and then import that temporary file like normal.

Please solve this asap!



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