Drum notation issues

• Jul 10, 2013 - 19:32


First off, I'm new to music notation so possibly my issues are to do with me not understanding how it works.

I'm trying to recreate the notation in this image in musescore:


I started off by creating the 8th note hi-hats and adding the kick drum in. Next I want to add the 16th note snare as the "uh" of 2 (2 e & uh).


When I try to do this the 16th note gets attached to the next 8th note and not the preceding one as I want it to.


I use the beam properties to disconnect the beam from the 16th note. Here's my first question, why is there a partial double bar left on the following 8th note (to the right of the highlighted note). Even if I remove the beam from that 8th note and set it as start of beam the partial double line comes back.

Regardless of the above, I then try to attach the beam to the preceding 8th note - in this case I only get the partial double line. Also the spacing seems off to me - the 8th notes are not evenly spaced and the 16th note should lie exactly halfway between the two 8th notes but it doesn't. I tried adding a line break to see if that would help with spacing but it didn't work.


Can anyone help me with this?



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