Newbie : how to write 2 notes

• Jul 17, 2013 - 19:46

EDIT : SOLVED, I have found the solution. I have to use "voices" :

I add : the documentation is not clear by saying "Click on 'Voice 2' button", it should say "Click on 'Voice 2' 1-4 buttons on the right top of the screen".


Hello, I am a absolutely beginner in Musescrore.

I want to write 2 lines of notes as in this example : good.jpg

But all I manage to write are "glue stick together notes" as : bad.jpg

I tried : x and shift-x, no luck.

Any idea please ?

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Hi. You are using one voice for all notes and so the stems go in one direction. By putting each line of note in a different voice you can make decisions as to stem direction and actually what time value each has. Follow the link in shoichi's post to get more info.

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