Alt-shortcuts (for typing intervals above a note) don't work on Mac

• Aug 9, 2013 - 17:53

I'm on Mac OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion), and whenever I try to use alt-2, alt-5, or alt-8 to type a second, a fifth, or an octave above the selected note, nothing happens. Using the alt key works fine for the other intervals (1, 3, 4, 6, 7), however. I don't have any conflicting keyboard shortcuts so far as I know, especially since nothing happens when I try those three.

This only started happening when I upgraded to 1.3, revision 5702. Somebody else had a similar issue back in September, albeit on a tech preview of 2.0:

Any ideas on how I can solve this problem? I don't want to have to downgrade. Thanks!


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