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Help me, please. I bought Casio CTK-3000 keyboard, which has USB midi (1 x USB B connector). On my PC is Windows FX Pro. I have MuseScore versions 0.9.4 but also 0.9.5. I am not able to enter notes (pitch) through midi, only with PC keyboard or mouse. In PC I set audio midi as Casio usb midi. I think that midi is working (I hear sound signal from PC, when I swich ON or OFF the Casio CTK-3000 keyboard ).
What settings (and where) must I use to be able to enter notes though midi KB? Thank you.


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MIDI connector icon is (and was) pushed, but it does not work at all. I experimented with this button and setting of note input in Preferences, but with no positive result.
In user's guide from Casio they write:
Step 5. Configure the music SW settings to select one of the following as the MIDI device.
USB Audio: (For Windows XP) (I did it!)

For information about how to select the MIDI device, see the user documentation that comes with the music SW you are using.

I found nothing about this settings.
Thank you.

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My Casio CTK-3000 musical instrument has only 1 USB connector (USB connector type B (the type like printer has)). I connected this B connector on Casio KB through USB 2.0 Cable with A connector (USB) on PC.
I do not have any separate MIDI card. I think the card is incorporated in musical instrument.
I did not test MIDI connectivity with any other SW. Can you recommend me something free? Maybe some sequencer.

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