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• Aug 27, 2013 - 01:26

Is it possible to move a little bit horizontally Musescore notes accurately? Sometimes in music for guitar (when there are more than two voices on a staff) is necessary, but I have not found a way to do it Musescore (for WinXP)
I have attached two examples
Example 1 Made in Sibelius, the half note if the middle voice is moved a little bit to the left so that the stem is not confused with the quarter note of the third voice
Example 2 Made in Sibelius, the C of the third voice was moved a little bit to the right to avoid the stem be confused with the dotted quarter one of the second voice
Example 3 Made in Musescore. The only way to prevent the stem of the D in middle voice would be confused with the lower voice is an exaggerated shortening it.
Example 4 Made in Musescore. I wish to place the middle voice with the stem down a little moved horizontally so that the stem would not be confused with that of the third voice. The only solution was to do it with the stem up shortening it a little bit.
I am attaching Musescore file, the corresponding work to Examples 1 and 2 I could not make in Musescore because I was not not able to solve this problem so I had to do in Sibelius. But my intention was to do it all with Musescore.

Apologies for my english (Thanks Google translator!!!!)

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