Raspberry Pi struggling

• Aug 31, 2013 - 14:45

I've just got a Pi and am trying to run MuseScore on it but it struggles with anything other than a little polyphony.
I'm wondering how to get it to play better.
Is it possible to tell the internal synthesiser to not try so hard or am I better off using an external synthesiser that uses less cpu?


Is it really a CPU issue? You could try with a smaller soundfont. It will probably be less complex to render and less CPU intensive. To use an external synth, you will need Jack. There are probably some tweaking that could be done in the internal synth but you would need to go into the code and recompile to do so.

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Well not quite - the Bradebberg emmitted a couple of nosies! I tried the font on a mint12 installation of musesore and got no sound there so not sure whats going on.CPU usage on the PI was ~25% so it does suggest the soundfont can take up a lot of CPU.
I tried the hungarian dance #4 from the musescore shareing site using the standard soundfont on the Pi and it was seriously out of tune. I'm begiining to wonder if the build is a bit borked.
I will see if I can contact the package maintainers and have a go at building it myself - anyone remember how to debug from another machine?

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