Default stem position

• Aug 31, 2013 - 21:08


Is there a way set a default note stem position to e.g. force the note stem to always be positioned to the bottom, with the exception of grace notes?
For some instruments, like the bagpipe, it is common practice to always position the note stem to the bottom because of the abundant presence of grace notes.


You can switch the stem by selecting the notehead and press X. I don't think there is a way to lock the stem up or down without using a workaround. For stem down, you could use two voices and put all your notes on voice 2. Then make voice 1 rests invisible...

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Too bad, I suspected manual switching for each note was the only option. I don't know if there are other instruments out there that have the stem in a fixed position, but would it be a feature worth adding to MuseScore? I.e. add an option to set the default stem position of normal/plain notes to either: auto, upwards/up/top, downwards/down/bottom. Defaulting to auto.
Ideally you'd want it to be an instrument specific setting, but I don't think MS has instrument specific settings like this, does it?

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