Distances smaller on page two

• Sep 4, 2013 - 11:05

I have treble and base piano with lyrics between.
In edit page, I adjust system distance.
But on page two (of two) the distance is
always smaller than on page one.
How do I fix that?


would be to attach the score to your post (after all, you say it is only 2 pages).

But, to make a guess...
since you say that the system distance is 'smaller on page 2', that means the system distance is larger on page 1, yes?

So, try changing the page fill threshold to100% (it's found in the same place you adjusted the system distance : Style / Edit General Style / Page) . This will prevent the first page from being stretched out to fill the page (thereby increasing the system distance).
Your page 2 might not have passed the default threshold (70%), so it does not get vertically justified (i.e. stretched to fill the page).


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