Quarter note and eighth note in one chord: is it possible?

• Aug 3, 2009 - 10:30

I was expirimenting today, and one of the things I tried was getting a quarter and an eighth note in one chord. Like in second chord of the third measure in the piano arrangement of Radiohead's Karma Police . Is this possible in MuseScore?

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Thanks again, thomas. It works, but trying that at the same chords I used as an example, the B-note in the chord appears on the left side, making it partially blend into the C. Can I make that B appear on the right side, like it automatically does when I don't use voices?

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Double click on the second voice notehead (make sure you're not in edit mode) and use right arrow key to move the notehead to the other side of the chord. Once placed well, hit Shift+x to switch the stem to the other side of the notehead, so horizontal switch.

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