Metronome/other questions

• Oct 19, 2013 - 16:56

I have a few questions :

- Is a basic metronome going to be included in Musescore 2.0? Would be nice to have something simple like Sibelius has that doesn't require creating a new percussion part for it.

- When is Musescore 2.0 going to be released? Am looking forward to Grace Note playback which doesn't seem to work in the 1.x versions.

- I'm working on a piano piece and am wondering what others do when the left hand part goes high into Treble cleff territory. Do you switch Bass clef to a Treble cleff for left hand or do you use the Multiple Voices feature and notate the left hand part in the Treble clef as a 2nd voice?

Thanks for any help!


As to the LH piano part, it depends on how close the hands are together for me. If they are close, I might run them both into the top staff, but is they are separated, I generally change clefs.

It may depend on if the are rhythmically similar also.

It is usually a good idea to separate your questions into different posts - that way they are easier for others to find.


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