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• Nov 6, 2013 - 20:09

Hi there!

At the moment, in MuseScore (on Ubuntu Linux at least), if you have a font installed and want to use that font in your title, for instance, you have choices of the font name, bold, italic, and so on. However, if your font has a light or extrabold variant, you cannot choose them. You are limited to regular, bold, italic or bold italic.

My feature request, therefore, is for a better font picker which allows one to choose all variants of a font available on the system.




I'm using MuseScore 1.3, Windows XP sp3.

While it is true that for a given font the style choices are bold, italic, and underline, I am able to choose variants such as condensed, light, narrow, etc. by expanding the font drop down list which appears in Edit Text Styles, and also in Edit Mode (which is entered by double clicking on the text).
Each font variant has its own listing, which, when selected, can further be italicized, underlined, etc. the way you describe.
For example, in the drop down list, I have a font listed as 'Arial', followed by 'Arial Alternative', then 'Arial Black' (seems to be the extra bold version).
So... maybe it's an Ubuntu thing?

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Here are screenshots of two different Qt-based programs, MuseScore and OpenLP, on Ubuntu Linux 13.10. As you can see, they use the same font picker, which is a single drop-down menu. Here one can see that the Source Sans Pro font has only one option.

In another Qt application, QJackCTL, one can see that it uses a different font picker, and now all the options available for Source Sans Pro are available. Qt-based Rosegarden used the exact same font picker.

As one can see, there seems to be something wrong with the Linux implementation of this specific Qt widget. Perhaps the developers could use another widget which gives the user more control?

I would appreciate a look into this.

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QJackCtl is using a QFontDialog.getFont(), so the complete font dialog is provided by Qt while MuseScore and others are just using the QFontComboBox to let user choose the font face only. The other options (italic etc...) are done manually.

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This really does seem to be a Qt problem between Windows and Linux. I have access to a Windows 7 machine with OpenLP installed, so I took a look at exactly the same font. On Windows, I can choose Light or Black versions. (See attachment.) Yet on Ubuntu Linux, with exactly the same programs and fonts, I cannot.

Interesting. Anyone with suggestions?

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