Transcribing Fandango - Need feedback

• Jul 25, 2017 - 15:27

Hello world,
Some time ago I found a song I really liked, it's called Fandango, performed by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra in the album New Sounds In Brass Kazuhiro Morita Arranged (you can listen to it on Spotify). It really stucked in my head and I decided to transcribe it with Musescore, mostly to improve my listening skills. At this moment, I've done most of the work and you can revise it here .

Unfortunately, I need help to resolve some issues.

1. I'm not able to identify all the percussion instruments. This is probably due to my poor knowledge of the rhythm section. So far, I've added a few of them and I'm not even sure they are correct. Can you help me identify the rest? I just need the names...

2. Regarding the bass section, I've copied the Tuba part over the Euphonium and Baritone Saxophone. I'm not really sure it is the best idea, but I needed a strong intensity coming from the bass... Would you have done this differently?

3. I added a second Alto Saxophone and I'll try to add some funky elements. In the song this is done by one electric guitar, barely audible. No help needed here...

4. When writing accidentals, is it better to use only sharps or only flats? Do you mix them?

5. Finally, if you have any other suggestions feel free to give them, I want to improve! :)


I don't know your exact version, but I do know the Alpert original.
Let me know if you want help with the percussion on that.

Mixing both can be acceptable.
I briefly scanned your score; your use of accidentals seems fine to me.
Scale and / or chord can be a guide.
You're in C concert harmonic minor, so when the G concert major comes around, you should and do use a B natural, or its transposed equivalent.
But if a Dmaj7 comes along, I will notate any F#s and C#s as such, regardless of key sig; I am strongly inclined not to call it Ebbmaj7 or C##maj7, or to put a D and a Db in the same chord.
In ascending / decending lines, use sharps / flats to avoid doubling up visually with use of naturals.
Anyway, I'm rambling now. Good luck.

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