XDD 2015 - Spectral: High School Marching Band Show

• Jul 26, 2017 - 04:14


This was the second marching band show I've made. I completed it over Thanksgiving week last year, and only a week was spent on it total. Like Nice Meme!, this one is scored for high school marching band, should definitely be nerfed before attempting, and does not have full percussion parts (this was the last one without battery parts!) or any drill to go along with it. This one doesn't have as much of an obvious or coherent theme as Nice Meme! but is generally darker, with themes such as ghosts and apparitions. The name also refers to the color spectrum and has jokingly been related to autism as well (although the show does not actually delve into that). It is much more complex than Nice Meme!, with recurring themes, mixed and changing meters, syncopations and faster tempos. It is not quite as technically difficult as Nice Meme! (less 16th note runs), but is more challenging on the whole. Overall, the two shows are about the same length (these are the shortest two shows I have written so far)

DISCLAIMER: I do not believe that the entire production is original, but as I wrote this on the fly without looking for repertoire, I do not know the source of the parts I did not write. You are free to tell me any parts of this that you recognize and what their sources are. I will check them before I add them, so make sure they are accurate.

Here is the full version with announcement, proper pauses, etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh6cjxmksHg&t=2s

I am planning on releasing my other 3 shows that I've finished since then, Moonstruck and JUMP! for High School and Meltdown for DCI over the next few weeks, it just takes time to compile multiple MuseScore files into a single product :P

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