Problem with Multi-Measure Rests vs Barlines

• Dec 6, 2013 - 00:30

When setting the attached file to create multi-measure rests, the double-bar previously inserted at the end of Measure 28 (before rehearsal mark "C") disappears. Inserting a double-bar at the end of the 4-measure rest breaks the multi-bar rest.



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Sentimental_Journey_Vocal.mscz 6.18 KB


1. Uncheck 'Create multi measure rests' in Style / Edit General Style / Score.
2. Change the key signature of the first measure from one flat (F major) to three sharps (A major) so the whole score is in the same key.
3. Add a double barline to measure 28.
4. Put back the multi measure rests (Style / Edit General Style / Score).
5. Change measure 1 key signature back to one flat (F major).


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Sentimental double bar.mscz 6.21 KB

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