Dotted quarter notes abnormally quiet

• Jan 2, 2014 - 07:44

I just finished up a score. However, during playback, all dotted quarter notes are close to silent. I uploaded it to here, thinking it may be just the program acting up, but it's doing the same. As well, exporting as a .wav gives the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem is?

For reference:


On looking at your score it appeared that all notes apart from the dotted crotchets had been set to a user velocity of 127 The dotted crotchets were set at auto and thus had the default velocity of 33.

No idea how this happened but I've attached the fixed score.

BTW are you aware that unless you sought permission from the piece's copyright holders that you are in breach of copyright law by making this arrangement?

Be careful how you distribute it.

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There was no way I'd have figured that out myself, I really appreciate it.

I actually didn't realize that this score breached any part of copyright law, but I do know that the holder's stance on anything like this is that he allows it given it isn't used commercially. I will however seek express permission. Thanks.

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