Need help editing this measurement

• Jan 4, 2014 - 12:59

Greetings! Brand new to this program and I'm looking forward to learning how to use this. I really appreciate this freeware.

I'm trying to correct a mistake that seems simple enough.
(attachments get deleted as soon as I save this post and the tag isn't working so I'm just gonna have to post a link to the sheet music portion)

Just want to combine all the notes in the 2nd and the one note in the 3rd measure into the 2nd measure. Those rests in the 2nd measure used to be dots. I realized these notes didn't need the dots so I deleted them. But I've searched around and unless I'm looking at old posts you can't simply delete rests.


If you could delete rests or if deleting those dots didn't automatically assign rests I'd imagine that the note in the 3rd measure would simply fall into the the 2nd to keep that 4/4 time. But like I said, I've read the posts and seen the "you shouldn't ever have to delete rests" messages. Or was it because something like that would be too hard to code? Not too good with theory or programming so I'll just move along.

Other than deleting the 2nd and 3rd measurements completely and starting over, is there any way to simply get rid of those rests and/or get all notes in the 2nd and the one note in the 3rd into the 2nd measurement? It's simple enough to start over right now but I'm thinking ahead in case I need to do similar editing in a completed piece.

Note sure if it matters but I'm entering these notes with the keyboard and numbers, using ctrl+up or down to get them in the right octave/clef.

Thanks in advance!


It's indeed not posible to simple delete a rest within a measurements, Musescore does what you've told it to do: meaning it will always fill in any measuerment according to your 4/4 timing. That's it base for it.

What is possible: to 'remove' these rest is sellecting the notes behind the rest and cut them. Then select the rest itself and paste those notes. That way your rest is 'moving' to the end of a measurement.
When there are no notes within a measurement but only rests, you can delete that measurement completely. After selecting the measurement itself and using CTRL+DEL.


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