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I am entering a guitar piece manually into Musescore. It is in 6/4 time, each bar containing 12 quavers. The default beaming groups the notes in 2 x6 quavers, however I need the whole of each bar to be beamed.

So I select the whole bar and double click the beam button from the pallette, so far, so good.

But - the next bar is a repeat of the first, so I select the first bar and paste it into the second bar - the beam continues from the first bar and I cannot now separate the bars. A continuous beam joins all my notes over several bars.

I have tried entering each bar manually, but when I apply a beam it joins up with every other bar!!!

I cannot fathom out what I am doing wrong, or if the program cannot cope with 6/4 time signature...

my score (first few bars) is attached, very frustrating....

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Ah yes - Spanish Study I remember it from many years ago when I was teaching guitar :)

What you need to do is select the first note of the bar then double click the Start Beam icon in the Beam Properties palette.


Highlight the note where you want the beam to start (eg. the first note in the second measure). Double click on 'start beam' in the Beam Properties palette.
Click drag the 'start beam' icon onto the note head where you wish to start the beam. Release when the note changes color.
Create your own keyboard shortcut for 'start beam'.

P.S. I also fondly remember this - see if I have added the next two (correct) notes in the 4th measure. :-)

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I'm a big fan of guitar music. This study is a good example of how a simple-looking piece can be made to sound more complex during performance, as voices in guitar music are sometimes not entered as rigorously as they are, say, for piano music.
Have a listen.

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