Bärenreiter BA 11820 Bach/Leonhardt transcriptions made with MuseScore

• Sep 3, 2017 - 19:35

New: for Bärenreiter I made an edition of the transcriptions for harpsichord of the works for solo violin and cello by J.S. Bach arranged by my teacher Gustav Leonhardt (1928-2012) I used MuseScore 2.0.3 but I did a LOT of tweaking of the lay out to make it correct according to the Bärenreiter standards and rules. 135 pp (including facsimiles) + introduction. Available in September for € 39,95 (not from me but Bärenreiter or your music shop)
1.16-Bach Sonate d moll nach BWV 1001.pdf

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Congrats @SRH! You created the first edition for Bärenreiter made with MuseScore that we know off. Quite an achievement.

I think I can share that Werner is about to order a copy of your work to investigate which special layout tweaks you had to apply to make this edition. I'm pretty sure he will reach out to you once he has his copy.

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I used Gonville (being the most compact) for the music, the text is in Palatino. Gonville has some problems though, specially the placement/size of whole and half notes. The page (Loure) you see unfortunately has a missing indent like one more page. a frame disappeared after a change because of the page for the facsimile,

Bach's sonatas for violin and harpsichord played by Ryo Terakado and Siebe Henstra (purchased more than 10 years ago) is my favourite. And I am very interested in MuseScore. I am thrilled to see this come out! Baerenreiter web site seems not ready to accept order yet, but I ca't wait!

Do you, or anyone, know what the beautiful calligraphic Venetian typeface/font is that Bärenreiter uses for Movement headings and Critical Notes (specifically in the 2008 printing of the Bach Cello Suites, but likely elsewhere also)? Pictures included: The double table serifs on the A are particularly rare it seems. In many respects it is similar to Centaur but I am very curious to find out what the actual font/typeface is. Is this something you learned while making this score for them perchance?

Congrats, great work!! I'm working myself on some baroque orchestral music and I'd really like to use a page format like Bärenreiter's, which is 31x24,3 cm if I'm not wrong. Could you please tell me what did you used?
Thanks in advance!

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The thing I love about Barenreiter is that their editions are super close to the Original Manuscript. I wanted to be able to Upload Barenreiter Editions of Music (for example BWV 244 Edition BA 5038, which is the Full Score, all the parts, the Piano Reduction, Organ Continuo realizations, etc.) cause I wanted to get an idea of what they sound like.

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