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• Mar 24, 2014 - 20:55

I'm transcribing a jazz piece for piano, as an assignment, Oscar Peterson's Georgia On My Mind.
I have come across a small number of measures (see image attachment), where there are nested tuplets, but the parent tuplet has an asterix instead of a number.
I understand nested tuplets and can enter them, it is the asterix that I do not understand.
Not being knowledgeble in music, can anyone help in explaining this, and can it be done in musescore.
I could put in an arbitary numbered tuplet and change the number to an asterix, but it would not help me understand.

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You mean it has an asterisk (Asterix is a French cartoon character) and it seems to have an asterisk *as well as* a number. Could it just be used here like an asterisk in a text document i.e. there is a corresponding asterisk elsewhere (maybe at the beginning or end of the score) that explains the meaning and playing characteristics of the nested tuplets?

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Asterisk is correct, old age is creeping up too fast.
I think you are right about the bracketed asterisk, it only appears thru-out the score, where there are nested tuplets, maybe as a reminder to the instrumentalist.
As for an explaination, I cannot find it, as the book is entirely in Japanese.

...the asterisk and bracket denotes grouping into beats - to mitigate the visual complexity of the nested triplets?
Meaning something like this: NOT FOUND: 1

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