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• Mar 26, 2014 - 15:28

Hello again,

It was impossible to put the metronome mark - note symbol like "half" or "quarter". I was looking among the symbols but apparently the note symbols do not appear. It is possible?


Ctrl + Alt + T, select the tempo;
Double-click the tempo;
Click on the keyboard at the bottom (point 2 of the attached) or PF2 and choose the symbol you need.
(Nightly: select Code Page)

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Ctrl + Alt + T;
in the text bar at the bottom, select MusicalSymbol and type the corresponding character.
In word processing program under "insert special characters" you can find the corresponding table.

(I wonder if you mean this?)

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thank you! I did not think there were so many pages of symbols, sorry.. anyway, trying to put some symbols like "text" or "tempo" I noticed that I can not change the size - when closing the "edit mode" the size becomes as before, by default (text = 10; tempo = 12). how can I put the size I want for the symbol?

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