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• Apr 1, 2014 - 18:08

Trying to export the PDF I find these bugs (distance between words and symbols) - image 1 & 2. When printing with PDF printer (PDF creator) all is well.

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could you
- send the mscz file (not the one with . and ,) ? *
- send the pdf file generated with pdf creator
- say us did you try with both 1.3 stable version and nightly builds 2.0 (which one ?)
- and step by step what did you do ?
we need theses info to help you ;)
thank you

Hello again! Here we go - 3 files (musescore, musescore export & pdf creator pdf). The problem is in distances between tempo word and metronome mark; also in "FZ" (on the last note) - when exporting from Musescore. With PDFcreator everything seems to be ok. Nightly build is the actual one (I downloaded it today). Thank you!

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Pdf creator.pdf 15.96 KB

It's strange.. I just opened both PDF files in my cell phone and they both seems to be ok. Why then my PC acrobat reader shows the musescore exported file wrongly? What result have you got?

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