Students Announced for Google Summer of Code 2014

• Apr 24, 2014 - 15:32

The list of students selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 has been announced by Google. Among the 1307 students selected, 5 of them will be working on MuseScore this summer!

Now the community bonding period officially starts. Students will get to know their mentors and prepare for the program by reading documentation, hanging out in the IRC channel (#musescore on, and familiarizing themselves with MuseScore. They will also introduce themselves to the community on the forum or on the developer mailing list.

For more information on the work undertaken by these students for MuseScore, see our dedicated page.

Screenshot 2014-04-21 21.49.17.png

The selected students and their projects are:

Enhancing and Testing the Import of Guitar Pro Files

John Pirie (jpirie) will be enhancing MuseScore’s support for Guitar Pro files. Guitar Pro is a very popular program for creating guitar scores (including tablature), and there are many scores available online in this format. John will be extending MuseScore to support a wider range of Guitar Pro files, including ones created with the latest version of Guitar Pro. His mentor will be Maurizio Gavioli (Miwarre).

Swing Playback

Ruchit Agrawal (shredpub) will make MuseScore properly swing. He plans to implement configurable swing markings with effect on the playback, allowing you to switch between straight and swing eighth notes, control the degree of swing, and even have different swing settings for different instruments. He will be mentored by Marc Sabatella.

Enhance MuseScore Accessibility

Andrei Tuicu will make MuseScore more accessible to visually impaired and blind people but also improve usability for the average MuseScore user. Dialog boxes, palettes, and other controls will be made fully accessible by keyboard, and feedback will be provided by screenreader for blind users. He will be mentored by Marc Sabatella.

Improve Selection and Copy/Paste

Bartłomiej Lewandowski will improve MuseScore selection and copy paste capabilities. You want to copy only one voice to a new staff, or copy notes with dynamics but without lyrics, Bartłomiej will make it happen. His mentor will be Nicolas Froment (lasconic).

Better JACK Support

Maxim Grishin (igevorse) will make MuseScore work with Jack MIDI. It might sound cryptic but it will make it easier to use MuseScore with VSTi or to score for movies, by allowing MuseScore to control the playback of other programs. He will be mentored by Nicolas Froment (lasconic).

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