Growl - a loud cello duet (with recording)

• Nov 8, 2017 - 21:03

I've written a duet for cello and recently I've also recorded it and made proper sheet music for it. :) It's called Growl. You can listen to it here:

Here's the sheet music:…

Would be awesome if anyone were to play it! :) Also, this is my first time at trying to produce proper sheet music. Let me know if you have any feedback on that. :)

My idea with this composition was to write something that's pretty easy to play and that's really loud. Classical music is often about subtleties so for variation it's fun to occasionally throw away those subtleties and play those really loud double stops. That idea triggered me to write this composition. I performed it live with another cellist at an evening with members of the orchestra I was in back then. :)

I wrote this one back in 2014, but never recorded it because I wasn't confident enough of my own cello playing. I practised a lot since then, bought a better microphone and learned new ways to better practice playing in tune. I got a bit better but not enough, so I also had to accept that it's okay to 'cheat' by using clicktracks and recording multiple times and picking the parts with the least mistakes.

I hope you like this composition! :)


I will be playing this with a friend, I will upload a file for you friend, next week. You have one very minor error and the is a rest in measure 20.

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