Measures are to closs

• Sep 8, 2009 - 15:48

I'm changing clefs when possible and putting "8vb, and 15vb" where possible but I still have notes that are interferring with each other on seperate measures. There is no way for me to stream line this I simply need to have notes a lot higher and lower than measure lines.

I am looking for a way to increase the space between the measures on a page. I have found ways to increase the actual measure itself (horizontally)... but no way to increase the vertical space between them. Some help would be most awsome, dudes

Also I've been using the ghetto 8vb and 15vb (inputting text above notes). I've figured it out for the clefs (is next to the clef)... But to move one measure or several notes using the doted lines has evaded me... Any help would be welcome.

Using 9.5 stable.

Hopefully you see my meaning from the picture I've attached...

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