Epic Fantasy Soundtrack

• Feb 13, 2018 - 20:10

Hey! I have just finished my first composition. I started composing and learning about orchestration last year and I have spent a lot of time on this piece. I tried to make a film/video game-tune in the style of "fantasy". Hope you'll like it. https://musescore.com/gisnaas/an-epic-adventure

I'm an amateur composer and I'd really like some feedback on how to progress :)

Eirik Gisnås


For a first composition this is very good. All of the instruments are well balanced and the work flows with confidence and thoughtfulness. I would actually extend the very end of the piece by another 15 seconds or so, because the off-key note (I think it's concert E?) in your 2nd last measure demands attention. But this is your call.

Other than that, I do think the visual presentation of the score needs to be improved. For example, if all your 6 French horns play in unison throughout the piece, is it really necessary to have 6 different staves for each horn? I think having just 1 French horn part is sufficient, and then on your title page you can indicate how many French horn players are required. Repeat this for all the other instruments, and then your score should be much easier to follow.

Also, you indicate 'voice' as an instrument, but you give no indication as to how many vocalists you want, or how many parts there are (sometimes you have 2 voices, sometimes 5). Normally the standard is no more than 4 voice parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. You can either give each voice part its own staff, or put the ladies in 1 staff and the men in another. Indicate clearly who sings what.

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Thanks man!

I'll consider extending the end. The E could need some more attention, I agree. IRL all the other instruments would play a fp and then a crescendo into sfz so I think the horn line would then come through better and be less muddy. But musescore doesn't play the fp so...

I have some work to do regarding the visuals I know! I was not sure how to notate e.g. the horns since they are switching between unis and 3 part harmony. I guess I should have made three staves maybe? Is one stave enough? The same with the trumpets and bones and in fact all the other instruments. One stave per instrument-group? I actually made one stave per instrument in order to get the dynamics right on the playback but is sure look messy.. And I went a little crazy with the percussion. The standard is one timpanist and 5 other percussionist right? I will work on this for my next composition.

Totally agree on the choir-part. I'll fix that.

Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

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