Cleaner profile

• Jun 28, 2014 - 09:14

I'm using for the paid service. I'm quite satisfied in general but as I have been using it over time, my profile gets ever more crowded and harder to navigate.

My problem is that I basically have 3 types of scores:
- original compositions
- literal transcriptions of music that is not my own but which I want to share
- my arrangements of music that is not my own.

When people visit my profile, I want them to primarily see my original compositions. The transcriptions and my arrangements are primarily for sharing in various specific groups. So I want to share them, but I don't want them to distract from my original compositions.

I'm currently using sets to make these distinctions, but I'm also using sets for pieces consisting of multiple movements.

All in all navigation just isn't very straightforward.

I would be helped very much by a feature that would let met mark a score as "show only in groups" so that they do show up in the various groups for which I intended them, but not directly in my main profile.

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