Stemless on separately voice via plugin

• Mar 4, 2018 - 23:58

Hello, I want set some style feature for Voice#2 only.
It is Liturgical music with special second voice "Ison" (from greek ίσον), like burdon. I want all this notes as stemless, and via Inspector I get it. But I need select all this notes (separately from notes at Voice#1), and set styles. I wrote some plugin, on basis of Joio-Schmitz's-ColorVoices plugin (thank you!). It set all: small, color, headType, headGroup, visible, BUT NOT stemless. On screenshots we can see that.

After running plugin:

And after running plugin and with set stemless via Inspector:

Can I set stemless in this plugin?

MS 2.1.0, Debian9.

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I found way without plugin - select note on Voice#2 and via Mouse - Select | More | Same voice - we can select all notes and via Inspector set stemless. But it is still intresting about plugin-way.

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Thank you, Nicolas.
Probably segment's pos.x - too?
From (other) plugin I can change chord pos.x with visual effect. But can't change segment's pos.x; in debug output I see, that pos.x was changed, but visually, and in Inspector - no any effects...

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